Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India 2024

On a sweltering day in India, there’s nothing quite like turning on a highspeed ceiling fan and basking in the cool breeze it provides. Ceiling fans are a common sight in Indian households, helping to keep rooms wellventilated and comfortable. Not only do they circulate air effectively, but they also help lower indoor temperatures and save energy.

If you’re in the market for the best ceiling fan for your home or planning to upgrade your current one, this article is a mustread. Below, you’ll find a selection of highspeed best ceiling fans in India, along with their types, buying guides, and the 10 best and latest designs.

Types of Electric Ceiling Fans:

In the past, ceiling fans were simple and lacked modern technology. However, today’s fans are much more than mere air circulators. They come with features like antidust coatings, remote controls, smart connectivity, and even designer light fixtures. The oncebasic ceiling fan has evolved into a featurerich home appliance. There are various types of ceiling fans available in the market to suit your specific needs and preferences:

1. Standard Ceiling Fans:

    These ceiling fans are typically suspended from a mounting hook with a metal pipe, making them suitable for homes with high ceilings.

2. Low Profile Ceiling Fans:

    Hugger fans, designed for homes with low ceiling heights, are installed directly onto the mounting hook without using metal down rods. They hug the ceiling, hence the name “low profile ceiling fans.”

3. Ceiling Fans with Light:

    These fans incorporate lights and decorative domes, serving both as lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, combining two functions in one.

4. Outdoor Ceiling Fans:

    Designed for outdoor spaces like balconies, gazebos, and porches, these fans have waterresistant blades and robust motors to perform well even in extreme weather conditions. They come in two categories: damp ceiling fans, suitable for humid environments, and wet ceiling fans, designed for use in rainy and wet conditions.

5. Energy Star Ceiling Fans:

    Ceiling fans with an Energy Star rating provide energy efficiency and power savings. The greater the star rating, the higher their level of energy efficiency.

6. Dual Motor Ceiling Fans:

    These fans have two powerful motors, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They often feature unique and stylish designs.

Tips for Choosing the Best Electric Ceiling Fan in India:

Choosing the perfect best ceiling fan can often feel like a challenging endeavor. Here are some essential aspects to consider before making a purchase:

1. Sweep Size:

 Sweep size refers to the length from one blade tip to another, representing the fan’s diameter. A higher sweep size doesn’t necessarily guarantee better air coverage or efficiency. Small rooms (up to 70 square feet) typically require fans with a sweep size of 940 mm to 1050 mm, while larger rooms (up to 400 square feet) benefit from fans with a sweep size between 1200 mm and 1400 mm.

2. RPM (Revolutions Per Minute):

  Ceiling fans help circulate air effectively, reducing indoor temperatures and creating a sense of airiness. Ceiling fans boasting an air delivery capacity of 205 – 230 CMM (Cubic Metres per Minute) are typically deemed to offer excellent airflow performance. The speed of air delivery is directly related to the number of blade rotations per minute, with highspeed fans having 380/390 RPM and standard ones at 300/350 RPM.

3. Motor Quality:

 The motor is a crucial component of a best ceiling fan, determining its overall efficiency. Look for a motor that operates smoothly with minimal electrical noise. Fans equipped with Brushless Direct Current Motor Platform (BLDC) motors are highly recommended for their noiseless and energyefficient performance.

4. Aesthetics:

 Aesthetic appeal is essential when selecting a best ceiling fan. There’s a wide range of designs available, from modern and eclectic to rustic and traditional. You can choose classic shades like brown, beige, and white or opt for modern colors like pastels, wood tones, or marbled finishes to match your decor.

5. Extra Features:

For a modern and technologically advanced ceiling fan, consider models with smart features. Look for fans with remote controls, voice control compatibility (Alexa or Google), integrated lights, and designer glass domes for ambient lighting.

Top 10 Best Electric Ceiling Fan:

Here are the 10 best electric ceiling fans in India from the top brands, along with their features, specifications, reviews, and ratings:

  • Luminous New York Manhattan 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

    Luminous New York Manhattan 1200 mm Ceiling Fan
    • Luminous’ Manhattan ceiling fan combines stunning modern design with functionality. Its lampshade with a 9W LED light serves both as a cooling device and ambient lighting. With a sleek black finish, three blades, and a remote control with fivespeed settings, this fan not only keeps your room cool but also elevates its aesthetics. Priced at ₹9,499.00, it offers both style and convenience.

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  • VGuard Glado 400 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

    VGuard Glado 400 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan
    • The VGuard Glado fan adds an element of grandeur to your living or dining room with its glossy blue finish and metal detailing. Its wide aluminum blades ensure maximum airflow with a 240 m3/mm air delivery rate and 400 RPM speed while consuming minimal electricity. Priced at ₹3,590.00, it’s a great valueformoney choice for an elegant and efficient cooling solution.

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  • Crompton Uranus 1200 mm (48 inch) Decorative Ceiling Fan

    Crompton Uranus 1200 mm (48 inch) Decorative Ceiling Fan
    • For those seeking a decorative ceiling fan, the Crompton Uranus is a top pick. Available in various colors, including ivory and silver, this fan features gold pull cords for speed and light control and intricate carvings that add a touch of luxury to your space. Priced at ₹7,429.00, it combines aesthetics and performance, though cleaning can be challenging due to its glass lamps.
  • ACTIVA 850 RPM HIGHSpeed Galaxy1 4 Blades

    ACTIVA 850 RPM HIGHSpeed Galaxy1 4 Blades
    • Activa’s Galaxy1 fan is a compact ceiling fan suitable for spaces like kitchens and porches. With its aerodynamic design, it reaches an impressive 850 RPM at maximum speed and is BEEapproved for high energy efficiency. It offers affordability and efficient cooling with a price of ₹1,234.00, but it can be noisy due to its high RPM.
  • Halonix Hexa Antique 1200mm Electric Ceiling Fan

    Halonix Hexa Antique 1200mm Electric Ceiling Fan
    • Halonix’s Hexa Antique fan stands out with its unique sixblade design that ensures high air volume distribution. With sixcolor LED lights and wood finish blades, it adds style and functionality to your living room. Priced at ₹8,297.00, it offers elegance and modern features, although the remote control could be improved.
  • Havells Stealth Air Ceiling Fan

    Havells Stealth Air Ceiling Fan:
    • The Havells Stealth Air Ceiling Fan is a stylish and silent cooling solution for modern homes. With a fan speed of 280 RPM and an air supply of 280 CMM, it ensures efficient air circulation. Its dustresistant coating reduces cleaning efforts, and twin canopies conceal unsightly wires near the ceiling, enhancing your home’s aesthetics. Priced at ₹6,399.00, it’s a bit on the expensive side but offers a sleek and efficient cooling solution.
  • Orient Electric I Tome 1200mm 26W Intelligent BLDC Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

    Orient Electric I Tome 1200mm 26W Intelligent BLDC Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
    • Orient’s I Tome ceiling fan is a smart and energyefficient choice, consuming just 26W with its intelligent BLDC motor. With a fan speed of 370 RPM and an air supply of 220 CMM, it offers refreshing airflow. Priced at ₹3,559.00, it’s an excellent choice for those looking to reduce electricity bills.
  • Usha Bloom Primrose 1250mm Dust, Oil & Moisture Resistant Ceiling Fan

    Usha Bloom Primrose 1250mm Dust, Oil & Moisture Resistant Ceiling Fan
    • Usha’s Bloom Primrose fan adds a touch of chic elegance to your decor with its floralinspired design. It operates at a fan speed of 380 RPM, providing an air supply of 240 CMM. While it offers good air quality, it can be a bit noisy during operation. Priced at ₹3,240.00, it’s an affordable option for stylish interiors.
  • Atomberg Renesa+ 900mm BLDC motor Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

    Atomberg Renesa+ 900mm BLDC motor Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
    • Atomberg’s Renesa+ fan is renowned for its super energyefficient BLDC motor, consuming only 28W and offering impressive performance at a fan speed of 525 RPM and 210 CMM air supply. Priced at ₹4,029.00, it’s a bit expensive but comes with features like a smart remote control and inverter stabilisation technology.
  • Crompton Aura Prime 900 mm (36 inch) Decorative Ceiling Fan

    Crompton Aura Prime 900 mm (36 inch) Decorative Ceiling Fan
    • The Crompton Aura Prime fan features antidust technology that attracts 50% less dust, making it easier to maintain. Operating at a fan speed of 410 RPM and providing an air supply of 155 CMM, it’s suitable for mediumsized rooms. Priced at ₹3,800.00, it offers a balance of performance and style, although it can be a bit noisy during operation.

FAQs on Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India 2024:

  1. Do ceiling fans reduce room temperature?

    Ans: Ceiling fans don’t lower room temperatures like air conditioners do. Instead, they circulate air, creating a feeling of airiness. However, when used in conjunction with an AC, ceiling fans can distribute cool air more efficiently, making you feel cooler.

  2. How effective is the antidust coating on electric ceiling fans?

     Ans: Antidust coating is a nanotechnology paint that repels dust with its slippery surface, reducing dust accumulation by 3040%. While it doesn’t make fans completely dustproof, it does make cleaning easier.

  3. Why do ceiling fans sometimes make a lot of noise?

    Ans: Ceiling fans can produce noise for various reasons, including poor installation (uneven or misaligned blades), issues with ball bearings, and blade imbalances caused by dust or grease buildup.

Final Thoughts on Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India 2024:

Ceiling fans are an integral part of Indian households, contributing to comfortable living environments. With this list, you now have a better understanding of the different ceiling fan brands available in India. Your choice of brand should depend on your specific needs and budget, taking all factors into account to ensure you get a quality fan with lasting durability.

Should you have any more inquiries or require further details about the top 10 best ceiling fan brands in India 2023, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am here to assist you. We’re here to assist you in making an informed decision for your ceiling fan needs.

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