LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price

In the ever evolving landscape of home appliances, refrigerators stand as essential companions in our daily lives, preserving our perishables and keeping our food fresh. Among the array of choices, LG has consistently held a prominent position, renowned for its innovation and reliability. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price , examining its features, performance, and value proposition.

With a capacity of 190 litres, this refrigerator is ideally suited for small to medium sized households, offering ample storage space without compromising on efficiency or functionality. One of the most compelling aspects of this appliance is its competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for budget conscious consumers without sacrificing quality.

Beyond its affordability, the LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price boasts a range of features designed to enhance convenience and performance. From innovative cooling technologies to thoughtful storage solutions, every aspect of this appliance is engineered to streamline your kitchen experience.

Join us as we explore the ins and outs of the LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price, shedding light on its design, functionality, and overall value proposition. Whether you’re in the market for a reliable refrigerator for your home or simply curious about the latest offerings from LG, this review aims to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why we choice LG Refrigerator:

Choosing an LG refrigerator is easy because they offer:

1. Reliability: LG refrigerators are known for their durability, ensuring that your investment lasts.

2. Efficiency: LG models are energy efficient, saving you money on utility bills while reducing environmental impact.

3. Innovative Features: LG refrigerators come with convenient features like smart storage solutions and intuitive controls to simplify your daily routine.

4. Stylish Design: With sleek designs and premium finishes, LG refrigerators add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

5. Great Customer Service: LG provides excellent customer support, ensuring that you’re taken care of even after your purchase.

Overall, LG refrigerators offer a winning combination of reliability, efficiency, innovation, and style, making them an easy choice for your kitchen.

Factors Influencing Price:

Several factors can influence the price of the LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr, including:

  • Energy efficiency rating: Higherrated models may come with a higher price tag but offer long term savings on energy bills.
  • Additional features: Models with advanced features like inverter compressors, smart connectivity, or frost free operation may be priced higher.
  • Warranty coverage: Extended warranty options or comprehensive coverage plans may add to the overall cost but provide added peace of mind.
  • Seasonal discounts and promotions: Keep an eye out for special offers, discounts, or festive promotions that can help you secure a better deal on your purchase.

Our Top Pick on LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price:

LG 190 L 3 Star DirectCool Single Door Refrigerator

LG 190 L 3 Star DirectCool Single Door Refrigerator
  • Capacity: 190 litres
  • Configuration: FreezeronTop
  • Energy Star: 3 Star
ModelGLD 201A RD
Capacity190 litres
Annual Energy Consumption164 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity167.5 litres
Freezer Capacity22.5 Litres
Drawer TypeStorage
ColourRuby Regal
Voltage230 Volts
Wattage65 Watts
Number of Drawers1
Defrost SystemManual
Door OrientationLeft
Door MaterialStainless Steel
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
Number of Shelves2

The LG Refrigerator with a 3 Star Rating ensures energy efficiency, keeping your electricity bills in check. It’s designed to meet Energy Efficiency Standards by BEE, so you can trust it to save power while running smoothly.

Exclusive features like Fast Ice Making provide ice in just 108 minutes, perfect for quick chilling needs. The toughened glass shelves are sturdy enough to hold heavy items, tested for durability in LG’s lab.

With a Base Stand Drawer for extra storage and an easy clean Door Gasket, this fridge keeps your food organised and hygienic. The Moist N Fresh feature maintains optimal moisture levels, keeping your fruits and veggies fresh.

Stylish Door Lock adds elegance to your kitchen, while Stabiliser Free Operation ensures it works smoothly within a wide voltage range. And the spacious chiller tray keeps perishables fresh at temperatures from 6⁰C to 3⁰C.


  •  Ample 190 litre capacity
  •  Energy Efficient with 164 kWh annual consumption and 3 Star rating
  •  Versatile storage: 167.5liter fresh food capacity and 22.5liter freezer capacity
  •  Adjustable shelves for customizable storage
  •  Convenient features like Door Lock and Storage Drawer


  • Freezer door locked due to excessive cold temp

LG 190 L 2 Star DirectCool Single Door Refrigerator

LG 190 L 2 Star DirectCool Single Door Refrigerator
  •  Capacity: 190 litres
  •  Configuration: FreezeronTop
  •  Energy Star Rating: 2 Star
Capacity190 litres
Annual Energy Consumption197 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity168 litres
Freezer Capacity22 litres
ColourBlue Euphoria
Voltage230 Volts
Wattage65 Watts
Number of Drawers1
Defrost SystemManual
Door OrientationLeft
Door MaterialStainless Steel
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
Number of Shelves2

The star rating changes, in line with BEE guidelines by January 1st, 2023. The LG Refrigerator GLB199OBEC now boasts a 2 Star energy rating, ensuring efficiency and cost savings.

With a 190 litre capacity, it’s perfect for small families or bachelors. Its 22 litre freezer and 168 litre fresh food compartments offer ample storage.

You get a 1 year warranty on the product and a 10 year warranty on the compressor. The conventional compressor ensures top performance, energy savings, and quiet operation.

Featuring toughened glass shelves and a frame, it offers durability and style. With 2 shelves, you have plenty of space to organise your groceries easily.


  •  Suitable capacity of 190 litres for small families or individuals
  •  Balanced storage with a 22 litre freezer and 168 litre fresh food compartments
  •  Warranty coverage: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
  •  Quiet operation thanks to the conventional compressor


  • 2 star energy rating

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Conclusion on  LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price:

Both refrigerators offer similar capacities and features, but the key difference lies in their energy efficiency ratings. The 3 Star rated refrigerator would consume less energy compared to the 2 Star rated one, potentially leading to lower electricity bills in the long run.

 However, if energy efficiency is not a primary concern and you prioritise other features like warranty coverage and quiet operation, the 2 Star rated refrigerator could still be a suitable option. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific requirements and preferences regarding energy efficiency and other features.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price:

  1. What is the  LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr price?

        The price range for LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr models can vary depending on factors such as specific features, energy efficiency ratings, and additional functionalities. Generally, prices may range from [insert price range here] for different models.

  2. Are there any discounts or promotions available on LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr Price ?

        LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr models may occasionally be offered at discounted prices or as part of promotional offers by retailers or online platforms. It’s advisable to check with authorised LG dealers or visit LG’s official website for information on ongoing promotions.

  3. Is it worth investing in a higher priced LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr model with a higher Star energy rating?

        While higher priced LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr models with higher Star energy ratings may have a higher upfront cost, they typically offer greater energy efficiency, resulting in potential long term savings on electricity bills. It’s essential to consider your budget and energy saving goals when choosing a model.

  4. Are there any financing options available for purchasing LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr models?

        Some retailers or online platforms may offer financing options, such as EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments) or credit card instalment plans, for purchasing LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr models. Be sure to check with the seller for details on available financing options and terms.

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