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air cooler price kolkata

Are you looking for air cooler price kolkata then you landed on the right blog. In Kolkata, summers get super hot, with temperatures hitting a blazing 41 to 44 degrees Celsius. 

With such scorching heat, an air cooler becomes a must have to stay cool and comfortable. But with budgets in mind, finding the cheapest air cooler is crucial. Let’s check out how Kolkata deals with this hot issue and finds cool solutions at the lowest prices.

How To Select Air Cooler: 

Selecting the right air cooler involves considering several factors to ensure optimal cooling performance and energy efficiency. Here’s a step by step guide to help you make the best choice:

1. Room Size: Determine the size of the room you want to cool. Larger rooms require air coolers with higher airflow capacity to effectively cool the space.

2. Cooling Pad Type: Air coolers come with different types of cooling pads, such as honeycomb, wood wool, or aspen. Honeycomb pads are generally more efficient and durable compared to others.

3. Airflow and Fan Speed: Look for air coolers with adjustable fan speeds and airflow settings. This allows you to customise cooling according to your comfort level and room size.

4. Water Tank Capacity: Consider the water tank capacity of the air cooler. A larger tank means fewer refills and longer cooling duration, ideal for continuous use.

5. Portability and Design: Decide whether you need a portable air cooler that can be easily moved around or a fixed unit. Also, consider the design and aesthetics to complement your room decor.

6. Additional Features: Some air coolers come with features like remote control, timer settings, and air purification functions. Determine which features are important to you based on your preferences and budget.

7. Energy Efficiency: Check the energy efficiency rating of the air cooler to ensure it doesn’t consume excessive electricity, saving you money in the long run.

By considering these factors, you can select an air cooler that meets your cooling needs while staying within your budget and ensuring energy efficiency.

Our Pick Up on  Air Cooler Price Kolkata:

Bajaj Air Cooler

Bajaj Air Cooler
  •  Mounting Type: Freestanding
  •  Special Feature: Antibacterial Filter
  •  Colour: White
  •  Controls Type: Knob
  •  Reservoir Capacity: 24 litres
Controls TypeKnob
Reservoir Capacity24 litres
Model NamePX25 Torque
Number of Speeds3
Voltage230 Volts

Bajaj Air Coolers are equipped with advanced features to enhance performance and durability. The DuraMarine Pump, featured in all models, boasts superior insulation, safeguarding it against moisture damage and prolonging its lifespan. Additionally, the Antibacterial Hexacool Technology ensures clean and hygienic air circulation. With Turbo Fan technology, these coolers deliver powerful and efficient cooling, while the impressive 5 metre air throw ensures wide coverage across the room. 

Enjoy customised airflow with the 4 way swing deflection feature, distributing cool air evenly. To provide customers with peace of mind, each unit comes with a comprehensive warranty package, including a standard 1 year warranty and an extended 2 year warranty.


  •  DuraMarine Pump with higher insulation for increased durability
  •  Turbo Fan Technology for powerful and efficient cooling
  •  5 Metre Air Throw for wide coverage
  •  4 Way Swing Deflection for customised airflow


  •  Leakage issues reported by customers
  •  Excessive noise during operation
  •  Perceived lack of value for money
  •  Complaints about product performance

Symphony Air Cooler

Symphony Air Cooler
  •  Mounting Type: Freestanding
  •  Colour: White/Blue
  •  Controls Type: Knob
  •  Reservoir Capacity: 27 litres
Controls TypeKnob
Reservoir Capacity27 litres
Floor Area16 Square Metres
Model NameIce Cube
Standby Power Consumption95 Watts
Number of Speeds3
Voltage127 Volts

Stay cool and comfortable with the Symphony Ice Cube air cooler! It’s perfect for rooms up to 16 square metres. Thanks to its iPure Technology, it filters out pollution and allergens, giving you fresh air. Just keep your doors and windows open for best results. This cooler has a durable pump and honeycomb pads for efficient cooling.

 It uses only 95 watts of power, so you can relax without worrying about high bills or power cuts. With a 27 litre tank and a water level indicator, it’s easy to keep it filled. Plus, its powerful blower provides instant cooling. And with simple dial knobs, it’s easy to use and looks stylish too.


  •  Effective coverage for rooms up to 16 square metres
  •  Large 27 litre tank capacity with water level indicator for convenient refilling
  •  Powerful blower for instant cooling
  •  Eztouse design with ergonomic dial knobs


  •  May not adequately cool larger rooms or areas beyond 16 square metres
  •  Potential for high noise levels from the blower

SKYTONE 15L Air Cooler

SKYTONE 15L Air Cooler
  •  Colour: White
  • Water Capacity: 15l
  •  Controls Type: Knob
  •  Floor Area: 250 Square Feet
Air Flow Capacity1400 CMPH
Controls TypeKnob
Floor Area250 Square Feet
Model NameAir Cooler TC25
Included ComponentsCooler, Wheels, Instruction manual
Number of Speeds3

Stay comfortably cool with the SKYTONE Air Cooler TC25! It efficiently cools small rooms up to 350 sq ft while using just 60W of energy. Easy To Use knobs make operation a breeze, and its modern design adds elegance to any space. With a high speed blower fan RPM of 1380, you’ll feel refreshed instantly. 

The 5L water tank ensures up to 8 hours of continuous cooling, and Turbo Fan Technology circulates air effectively. Adjust the airflow with the 3 speed control, and enjoy easy mobility with castor wheels. With 4 way swing deflection, cool air spreads wide for maximum comfort.


  •  Efficient cooling for small rooms up to 350 sq ft
  •  Large 5L water tank for up to 8 hours of continuous operation
  •  Adjustable airflow with 3 speed control
  •  Wide air spread with 4 way swing deflection and vertical autoswing feature


  • Limited colour available
  • Need frequent change in Cooling pads

Crompton Marvel Neo Air Cooler

Crompton Marvel Neo Air Cooler
  •  Mounting Type: Freestanding
  •  Colour: White
  •  Controls Type: Remote
  •  Reservoir Capacity: 40 litres
Air Flow Capacity1300 CMPH
Controls TypeRemote
Reservoir Capacity40 litres
Model NameMarvel Neo 40
Standby Power Consumption165 Watts
Number of Speeds3
Voltage220 Volts

Introducing the Crompton Marvel Neo 40 Personal Air Cooler, designed for cooling rooms up to 150 square feet. With a spacious 40 litre water tank capacity, it provides prolonged cooling for hours. The powerful blower delivers quick cooling with an air delivery of 1300 m3/hr, aided by the ice chamber for enhanced efficiency. 

Engineered with an everlast pump, it ensures durability even in areas with high TDS levels. Enjoy customizable comfort with 4 way air deflection. Despite its performance, it is energy efficient, consuming only 165 watts and compatible with inverters. Compact dimensions of 490 x 380 x 915 mm ensure easy placement. 


  •  Large 40 litre water tank capacity for prolonged cooling
  •  Suitable for rooms up to 150 square feet
  •  Powerful cooling performance with 1300 m3/hr air delivery and ice chamber
  •  High Density honeycomb pad for superior and prolonged cooling


  •  Impractical cleaning requirement every 4 days
  •  Limited cooling effectiveness in a 350 sq ft area
  •  Ineffectiveness due to single sided water cooling pads

VGuard Arido Air Cooler

VGuard Arido Air Cooler
  •  Mounting Type: Freestanding
  •  Colour: White & Purple Berry
  • Water  Capacity: 22l
  •  Controls Type: Knob
Performance1100 m3/h air delivery  4D air circulation  22L tank  Ice chambers
AreaSuitable for rooms up to 7.6 metres
More ComfortHigh Density pads  Univ Drip flow  Water level indicator
DurabilityConcealed pump  Superior motor  Corrosionresistant blower
Safety3pin power cord  Earthing wire  Thermal overload protection
Coverage2 year motor/pump warranty  1 year product warranty

Experience powerful cooling with this air cooler, boasting 1100 m3/h air delivery, 4D air circulation, a 22 litre tank, and ice chambers for an extra cooling boost. Suitable for rooms up to 7.6 metres, it ensures effective cooling. Enjoy cleaner air with antibacterial/antifungal pads and a mosquito/dust filter. Stay comfortable with high density pads, unidrip flow, a water level indicator, and 4 caster wheels for mobility. 

Ensure durability with a concealed pump, superior motor design, and corrosion resistant plastic blower. Prioritise safety with a 3 pin power cord, earthing wire, thermal overload protection, and inverter compatibility. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a 2 year motor and pump warranty, and a 1 year product warranty.


  •  Powerful cooling with 1100 m3/h air delivery
  •  Room coverage of up to 7.6 metres
  •  Clean air with antibacterial/antifungal pads and mosquito/dust filter


  •  Noisy operation with inconsistent speed control
  •  Insufficient cooling.
  •  lack of cool breeze

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FAQs on Air Cooler Prices in Kolkata:

  1. What is the average price range for air coolers in Kolkata?

        The average price range for air coolers in Kolkata varies depending on factors such as brand, capacity, features, and quality. Generally, prices can range from ₹3,000 to ₹15,000 or more.

  2. What factors influence the price of air coolers in Kolkata?

       Several factors can influence the price of air coolers, including:
          Brand reputation and popularity
          Cooling capacity and technology
          Additional features such as remote control, timer, and air purification
          Build quality and materials used
          Warranty coverage and after sales service

  3. Are there budget friendly options available for air coolers in Kolkata?

        Yes, there are budget friendly options available, typically with basic features and lower cooling capacity. These models are suitable for smaller spaces and come at more affordable prices.

  4. Do premium air coolers offer better performance and features?

        Premium air coolers often come with advanced features such as intelligent cooling modes, larger tank capacities, superior cooling pads, and better build quality. While they may offer enhanced performance, they come at a higher price point.

  5. Where can I find the best deals on air coolers in Kolkata?

        You can find air coolers at various electronics stores, appliance retailers, and online marketplaces in Kolkata. Keep an eye out for seasonal sales, discounts, and special promotions to get the best deals.

  6. Are there any additional costs associated with purchasing an air cooler kolkata?

        In addition to the initial purchase price, consider factors such as delivery charges, installation fees (if applicable), and any optional accessories or extended warranties you may choose to purchase.

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Writer Opinion on Air Cooler Price Kolkata:

In conclusion, purchasing an air cooler in Kolkata involves considering various factors such as price, brand, features, and warranty coverage. With a wide range of options available, customers can find air coolers to suit their budget and cooling needs. Whether opting for budget friendly models or investing in premium ones.

 It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, compare prices, and choose a reliable retailer. By doing so, customers can ensure a satisfying cooling experience while navigating Kolkata’s hot and humid climate.

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