Best 5 Crompton Water Heater In India (Review)

As January begins, it signals the onset of India’s festive season—a time brimming with joy and celebration. Yet, alongside these festivities, it brings forth a nip in the air, reminding us that winter is near. Amidst the festive fervour lies an opportunity not just for adorning homes and exchanging gifts, but also for upgrading crucial home appliances.

Among these, the water heater stands as an essential, especially during the chilly winter months. Its importance in Indian households, particularly in regions with harsh weather, cannot be emphasised enough. From warm morning showers to brewing comforting cups of tea and sanitising utensils, hot water is a daily necessity. While some resort to traditional methods like gas stoves, water heaters present a safer and more cost effective solution.

Enter Crompton, a household name in home appliances, trusted by Indian consumers for its superior range of products. Crompton’s water heaters, in particular, have gained popularity nationwide. Their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in the diverse range of water heaters they offer, catering to various needs and preferences.

This article takes you on a journey to explore the finest Crompton water heaters available in the market. Whether you’re in search of a storage water heater or an instant geyser, prioritising energy efficiency or requiring higher capacity, Crompton has a solution tailored to meet your needs. Join us as we delve into the top 5 Crompton water heaters for January simplifying your decision to invest in warmth and comfort this winter.

List Of The Best Crompton Water Heater In India 2024:

Crompton Rapid Jet Plus Turbo Water Heater

  • Capacity: 6 litres
  • Star Rating: 5
  • Wattage: 2 KW
Capacity6 liters
Energy Efficiency5-star rating
Safety3-level safety system
Hard Water ProtectionMagnesium anode
WarrantyTank: 5 years; Heating element: 2 years; Product: 2 years

The Crompton Rapidjet Plus 6L is a meticulously crafted storage water heater that prioritises both energy efficiency and rapid heating. Engineered for quick performance, its 6 litre capacity makes it ideal for smaller households or as a supplementary water heating solution. Garnering a 5 star energy efficiency rating, this heater ensures substantial savings on your electricity consumption.

Safety remains paramount with the inclusion of a comprehensive 3 level safety system. This comprises a capillary thermostat, an automatic thermal cutout feature, and a versatile multifunctional valve, collectively fortifying the heater against potential hazards.

Addressing the common issue of hard water, this Crompton water heater incorporates a magnesium anode. This component plays a pivotal role in preventing corrosion caused by the quality of hard water, enhancing the longevity of the appliance.

What elevates the confidence in this water heater is the warranty package it arrives with—a testament to its durability and reliability. Enjoy a substantial 5 year warranty on the tank, a 2 year warranty on the element, and an additional 2 year warranty covering the entire product, offering you reassurance and peace of mind for years to come.

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  •  Quick Heating: Get hot water fast
  •  Energy Efficiency: Saves electricity with a 5 star rating
  •  Safety First: 3 level safety system for extra protection.
  •  Long Warranties: Enjoy peace of mind with extended warranties.


  •  No Material Info: Material details not available.
  •  Not for Big Families: Might not be enough as the main heater for large households.

Crompton Classic Electric Water Heater

  • Capacity: 15 litres
  • Star Rating: 4
  • Wattage: 2 KW
Capacity15 liters
DesignTimeless white design, elegant and blends with any bathroom decor
InstallationHassle-free setup for quick and effortless installation
EfficiencyProvides ample hot water efficiently, while being cost-effective
ReliabilityDependable solution for daily hot water needs, ideal for small to medium-sized families

The Crompton Classic 15 L Electric Water Heater stands as a dependable solution catering to your daily hot water necessities. Crafted with a 15 litre capacity, it ensures a consistent and ample supply of hot water, perfectly suited for the needs of small to medium sized families. Its timeless design in a pristine white hue seamlessly integrates into any bathroom setting, adding a touch of elegance to the decor.

Setting up this Crompton water heater is a hasslefree process, designed with user convenience in mind. Its installation is straightforward, ensuring a quick and effortless setup that doesn’t demand extensive technical expertise. This attribute makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a fuss free installation experience.

Moreover, beyond its ease of installation, this Crompton water heater proves to be a pragmatic and economical solution for fulfilling everyday hot water requirements. Not only does it efficiently provide hot water, but it also operates with cost effectiveness in mind, helping you manage energy consumption without compromising on comfort. With reliability and affordability intertwined, this water heater stands out as a practical choice for households seeking a consistent and budget friendly hot water solution.

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  • Effortless installation for user convenience.
  • Classic white colour for versatile bathroom integration.
  •  Ideal sizing catering to small to medium sized families’ needs.


  •  Limited capacity, more suitable for smaller households.
  •  Not recommended for larger families due to its size constraints.
  •  May not perform optimally in highrise buildings with low water pressure.

Crompton Solarium Neo Water Heater

  • Capacity: 25 litres
  • Star Rating: 5
  • Wattage: 2 KW
Capacity25 liters
Energy Rating5-star rating for superior energy efficiency
Build MaterialSturdy and rustproof ABS body for durability
Heating ElementIncoloy heating element for protection against scale formation
Safety FeaturesThree-level safety system including capillary thermostat, automatic thermal cutoff, and multifunctional valve
Pressure RatingCapable of withstanding pressures of up to 10 bars
Corrosion ProtectionSpecial magnesium anode and Glassline coating prevent corrosion, ensuring prolonged lifespan

The Crompton Solarium Neo 25L stands out as a remarkable 5 star rated storage water heater, designed to merge energy efficiency with cutting edge safety features. Boasting a generous 25 litre capacity, this heater ensures a consistent and abundant supply of hot water to meet diverse household needs effectively.

Constructed with a sturdy and rustproof ABS body, durability is a key hallmark of this Crompton water heater. This robust build ensures longevity, offering a reliable solution for longterm hot water requirements. Additionally, the incorporation of an Incoloy heating element elevates its performance by providing superior protection against scale formation, optimising the heating process for maximum efficiency.

Safety remains paramount with this model, featuring an elaborate three level safety system. This system includes a capillary thermostat, automatic thermal cutoff, and a multifunctional valve, collectively enhancing safety measures for worryfree usage. Furthermore, its capability to withstand pressures of up to 10 bars makes it an ideal fit for installations in highrise buildings, catering to a wider range of residential needs.

To combat the adverse effects of hard water, this Crompton water heater integrates a special magnesium anode. This feature, coupled with the superior Glassline coating, effectively prevents corrosion, ensuring a prolonged lifespan for the appliance. The focus on corrosion protection guarantees not just longevity but sustained performance over time, making it a prudent choice for households seeking a durable and reliable water heating solution.

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  •  Cutting Edge 3 level safety system
  •  Durable rust proof ABS body
  •  Energy Efficient with a 5 star rating


  •  Considerable capacity might demand extra space for installation
  •  Professional assistance might be necessary for the setup process

Crompton Amica Water Heater:

  • Capacity: 25 litres
  • Star Rating: 5
  • Wattage: 2 KW
Capacity25 liters
Energy Rating5-star rating for superior energy efficiency
Safety FeaturesCapillary thermostat, automatic thermal cutout, and multifunctional valve for safe operation
Corrosion ProtectionSpecially designed magnesium anode and ISI marked nickel coated heating element
Pressure Rating8-bar pressure rating
Power2000 watts
DesignElegant black and white design

The Crompton Amica, a 25 litre 5 star rated storage water heater, excels in energy efficiency and performance. It comes with topnotch safety features like a capillary thermostat, automatic thermal cutout, and a versatile multifunctional valve for safe operation.

To combat hard water, it’s equipped with a specially designed magnesium anode that prevents corrosion. The ISI marked nickel coated heating element ensures durability by resisting scale formation, increasing its lifespan.

With an 8bar pressure rating and 2000 watts power, it’s adaptable for various needs. Plus, its elegant black and white design adds a classy touch to any bathroom.

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  • Boasting a 5 star rating, ensuring optimal energy conservation and cost effectiveness in daily usage.
  • Incorporates advanced safety features prioritising user protection and operational security.
  •  Energy Efficient with a 5 star rating


  • Exhibits a notable weight compared to standard models, potentially requiring extra care during installation or handling.

Crompton InstaBliss Water Heater

  • Capacity: 3 litres
  • Star Rating: 4
  • Wattage: 3 KW
Capacity3 liters
Power Rating3000 watts
Safety FeaturesSteam thermostat, automatic thermal cutout, pressure release valve, and fusible plug
DurabilityRust-free polypropylene (PP) body and weldless tank design for enhanced corrosion resistance
InstallationSpace-saving wall-mounted configuration
Warranty5-year warranty on the tank, 2-year warranties on both the element and the product as a whole
DesignSleek white finish with a sophisticated appearance

The Crompton Instabliss emerges as a purpose built 3 litre instant water heater, crafted to swiftly deliver efficient water heating on demand. Its robust power rating of 3000 watts ensures rapid and hot water availability whenever needed, catering to immediate requirements with remarkable ease and speed.

Safety remains a top priority in the design of this Crompton water heater. It boasts an array of advanced safety features, including a steam thermostat, automatic thermal cutout, pressure release valve, and a fusible plug. These features collectively guarantee comprehensive safety measures during every operation, assuring users of a secure and worryfree experience.

Moreover, the manufacturer’s commitment to quality is underscored by its warranty offerings. Users benefit from a generous 5 year warranty on the tank, along with 2 year warranties covering both the element and the product as a whole. This assurance speaks volumes about the reliability, durability, and confidence in the appliance, ensuring an extended period of worryfree usage and peace of mind regarding its performance and resilience.

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  • Ensures rapid and effective water heating, ideal for immediate hot water needs.
  • Equipped with advanced safety features, prioritising user safety during operation.


  • The heater’s size may be restrictive for larger quantities of hot water, more suited for smaller demands.

FAQs on  Best Crompton Water Heater In India 2024:

  1. What makes Crompton water heaters stand out in the market?

    Ans: Crompton water heaters are renowned for their blend of cutting edge technology, energy efficiency, safety features, and durability. They offer a range of models catering to various needs, ensuring reliable performance and quality.

  2. How do I determine the best Crompton water heater for my needs?

    Ans: Consider factors like capacity, power consumption, safety features, space requirements, and warranty. Evaluate your household’s hot water needs to select a suitable model based on family size and usage patterns.

  3. Which Crompton water heater is best for small families in 2024?

    Ans: For smaller families or limited space, the Crompton Instaflow, with its instant heating capabilities and compact design, might be an ideal choice. Its efficient heating and safety features make it suitable for smaller households.

  4. Are there Crompton models suitable for larger families?

      Ans:  Yes, Crompton offers various models with larger capacities like the Crompton Amica or Solarium Neo, catering to the hot water demands of larger families. These models often feature higher capacities and robust heating elements.

  5. What are the key safety features in the latest Crompton water heaters?

    Ans: The latest Crompton models are equipped with advanced safety mechanisms such as automatic thermal cutoffs, pressure release valves, fusible plugs, and efficient thermostat systems to prevent overheating, ensuring safe operation.

  6. How does Crompton ensure durability in its water heaters?

    Ans: Crompton water heaters are designed with corrosion resistant materials like rust free bodies, special tank coatings, and durable heating elements. These elements contribute to the longevity and reliability of their products.

  7. Does Crompton offer energy efficient water heaters?

    Ans: Yes, Crompton emphasises energy efficiency in its water heaters, with many models boasting high energy ratings (like 5 star ratings) and features aimed at minimising power consumption without compromising on performance.

Writer Opinion on Best Crompton Water Heater In India 2024:

Crompton continues to lead the market with a range of advanced and efficient water heaters tailored to diverse household needs in India. Their offerings, featuring cutting-edge technology, robust safety features, energy efficiency, and durability, cater to varying family sizes and usage patterns.

Whether it’s compact instant heaters for smaller households or high-capacity models for larger families, Crompton’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures reliable hot water solutions that prioritise safety, performance, and longevity, solidifying its position as a top choice in the Indian water heater market.

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