Best Counter Depth Refrigerator In The Market 

Introducing the counter depth refrigerator, a game changer in kitchen design focused on maximising efficiency and saving valuable space. Unlike traditional refrigerators, this innovative appliance is engineered to align perfectly with standard countertop depth, creating a seamless and visually appealing integration into your kitchen layout.

But its benefits go beyond aesthetics. By reducing its depth to match that of your cabinetry, the counter depth refrigerator optimises floor space utilisation, allowing for easier movement in the kitchen and enhancing accessibility to surrounding areas. This feature is particularly advantageous for small kitchens or open concept layouts where every inch matters.

Additionally, the streamlined design of the counter depth refrigerator offers a modern and sophisticated look, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Its sleek profile adds a touch of elegance while maintaining functionality and practicality.

With the counter depth refrigerator, you’re not just upgrading your kitchen appliance; you’re embracing a smarter approach to spatial organisation. Say goodbye to bulky protrusions and hello to a more streamlined, efficient, and visually pleasing culinary space.

What exactly does “counter depth” mean, and how can it impact your kitchen:

“Counter Depth” refers to the distance between your kitchen countertops and the back wall or backsplash. These refrigerators typically measure between 24 to 30 inches in depth, making them shallower compared to standard fridges. This design choice allows them to align perfectly with the end of your cabinets, seamlessly blending into modern kitchen layouts.

What’s more, opting for a counter depth refrigerator doesn’t mean sacrificing space for style. In fact, these refrigerators are often slightly taller and/or wider to provide the same usable storage capacity as a full size refrigerator, without protruding into your kitchen space. 

So, what does a counter depth refrigerator mean for your kitchen? It means you can achieve the sleek aesthetic you desire while maintaining ample storage capacity, all while ensuring easy manoeuvrability in your kitchen space.

Difference Between  counter depth and standard depth refrigerator:

CounterDepth RefrigeratorStandardDepth Refrigerator
Offers similar capacity as full size refrigeratorTypically provides more interior storage space
Typically under 30 inches, aligns with kitchen counters and cabinetsUsually over 30 inches, protrudes beyond kitchen counters
Style generally doesn’t protrude more than an inch or two past kitchen countersMay stick out half a foot or more from the edge of kitchen counters
Seamlessly integrates with cabinetry, offering a streamlined aestheticMay require additional clearance in kitchen layout due to deeper profile
Maximises space utilisation, ideal for smaller kitchens or open layoutsRequires more space, may overwhelm smaller kitchens
Provides a clean and cohesive appearance in modern kitchen designsMay appear bulky and less integrated with cabinetry

Advantages of Counter Depth Refrigerator: 

Counter Depth refrigerators offer several advantages:

1. Shallow Depth: These refrigerators typically extend only a few inches beyond the countertop’s edge, ensuring a sleek and compact profile.

2. Builtin Appearance: By aligning perfectly with kitchen countertops and cabinets, counter depth refrigerators provide a builtin look that enhances the modern and streamlined aesthetic of your kitchen.

3. Increased Room: Enjoy more space to open refrigerator doors without worrying about collisions with nearby objects or cabinetry.

4. Enhanced Floor Space: With their compact design, counter depth refrigerators contribute to a more spacious kitchen layout, allowing for easier movement and navigation.

5. Convenient Access: The shallower depth of counter depth refrigerators facilitates effortless access to stored food items and condiments, ensuring convenience during meal preparation and storage.

6. Expanded Dimensions: Some models feature extra width and height, enabling counter depth refrigerators to offer storage capacities comparable to traditional refrigerators while maintaining their space saving benefits.

Disadvantages of Counter Depth Refrigerator: 

Here are some potential drawbacks of counter depth refrigerators:

1. Reduced Storage Capacity: Compared to standard depth refrigerators, counter depth models often have slightly less interior storage space. This limitation may pose challenges for households requiring ample refrigeration space, particularly for storing bulkier items or groceries for larger families.

2. Higher Cost: Counter Depth refrigerators tend to be more expensive than their standard depth counterparts. The premium price tag reflects the specialised design and aesthetic appeal of these models, which may not fit everyone’s budget.

Design Types of Counter Depth Refrigerator:

There are four primary styles of counter depth refrigerators:

1. French Door CounterDepth Refrigerator:

   This style features two doors on top and a freezer drawer below. The French doors open outward to reveal a spacious refrigerator compartment inside. Due to their design, French door refrigerators require less clearance when opening and closing, making them suitable for smaller kitchens.

2. Side by Side CounterDepth Refrigerator:

   Side by side models have two doors running vertically, with one side dedicated to the refrigerator and the other to the freezer. Some versions feature narrower doors to optimise space in compact kitchens.

3. TopFreezer CounterDepth Refrigerator:

   A classic style, top freezer refrigerators have the freezer compartment positioned above the refrigerator. Doors can open either to the right or left, depending on the model.

4. BottomFreezer CounterDepth Refrigerator:

   In this configuration, the refrigerator section is situated above, while the freezer compartment is located below, typically in the form of a drawer or door. Similar to French door models, some bottom freezer refrigerators feature a single door for the refrigerator section, with the option to open to the right or left.

Our Top Pick Up on Counter Depth Refrigerator:

Whirlpool 235L 3 Star Refrigerator

Whirlpool 235L 3 Star Refrigerator
  • Brand: Whirlpool
  • Capacity: 235 litres
  • Configuration: Standard double door
  • Energy Star Rating: 3 Star
  • Style: Top Freezer Counter Depth Refrigerator
Capacity235 litres
Annual Energy Consumption265 Kilowatt Hours
Fresh Food Capacity (Refrigerator)183 litres
Freezer Capacity52 litres
Installation TypeFreestanding
Form FactorFreezer Top
Voltage220 Volts
Number of Racks4
Number of Drawers1
Price in Rupees 25,990.00 

Starting from January 1st, 2023, the star ratings for refrigerators will follow new guidelines. Meet the Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator by Whirlpool, featuring Intellisense Inverter Technology. With a 235 litre capacity, it’s perfect for medium to large families.

This fridge comes with a 3 star energy rating and Toughened Glass shelves for durability. It’s equipped with Microblock Technology to prevent 99% of bacterial growth. Special features include Touch UI Inside Refrigerator for easy temperature control and quick ice making in 85 minutes. 

Enjoy faster bottle cooling and anti odour action. With a freezer temperature as low as 24°C, it ensures food stays fresher for longer. Whirlpool’s Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator offers advanced features for your convenience.


  •  New energy rating guidelines from January 1st, 2023.
  •  Intellisense Inverter Technology for efficient operation.
  •  Spacious 235 litre capacity suitable for medium to large families.
  •  3 star energy rating for energy efficiency.


  •  Potential higher initial cost due to advanced features.

Haier 325 L 3 Star Refrigerator

Haier 325 L 3 Star Refrigerator
  • Brand: Haier
  • Capacity: 325 litres
  • Energy Star Rating: 3 Star
  • Style: Bottom Freezer Counter Depth Refrigerator
Weighted Annual Energy Consumption250 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
Capacity325 litres
Annual Energy Consumption250 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
Fresh Food Capacity (Refrigerator)240 litres
Freezer Capacity85 Litres
ColourBrushline Silver
Number of Drawers1
Door OrientationRight
Door MaterialStainless Steel
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
Number of Shelves3
  Price in Rupees34,990.00 

Introducing the Frost Free Refrigerator, designed to make life easier with its auto defrost function that prevents ice buildup. With a capacity of 325 litres, it’s perfect for families or bachelors.

 The energy efficient 3 star rating helps save on electricity bills, and it comes with a 1 year warranty on the product and 10 years on the compressor. Inside, you’ll find toughened glass shelves, a large vegetable box, and an antibacterial gasket for hygiene.

Special features like Triple Inverter Technology and 14in1 Convertible Mode offer added convenience. This refrigerator is your silent, efficient, and durable cooling solution for everyday needs.


  •  Frost Free operation for hasslefree maintenance.
  •  Spacious capacity of 325 litres suitable for families or bachelors.
  •  Energy Efficient with a 3 star rating, saving on electricity bills.
  •  Manufacturer warranty of 1 year on the product and 10 years on the compressor.


  •  Potentially higher cost compared to models with fewer features.

Godrej 564 L Refrigerator

Godrej 564 L  Refrigerator
  • Brand: Godrej
  • Capacity: 564 litres
  • Energy Star Rating: 5 star
  • Style: Side by Side CounterDepth Refrigerato
Capacity564 litres
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity348 litres
Freezer Capacity216 litres
Noise Level43 dB
ColourPlatinum Steel
Voltage230 Volts
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Door OrientationSide by side
Shelf TypeToughened glass shelf
Number of Shelves4
Price in Rupees56,990.00

Introducing the Side by Side Frost Free Refrigerator, a premium appliance designed to keep your food fresh and your life hasslefree. With its auto defrost function, you won’t have to worry about ice buildup anymore. It’s spacious too, with a 564 litre capacity, perfect for large families. Plus, it comes with a 10 year compressor warranty and 1 year comprehensive warranty for peace of mind.

The Multi Air Flow system ensures even temperature distribution throughout, keeping your food fresher for longer. Inside, you’ll find ample storage space, toughened glass shelves, and room for 2 litre bottles. Special features include 3 Intelligent modes for customised temperature settings and advanced controls on the door for easy operation.

With its sleek design and customizable temperature settings, the Side by Side Frost Free Refrigerator makes cooling effortless and efficient.


  •  Frost Free operation for hasslefree maintenance.
  •  Spacious 564 litre capacity suitable for large families.
  •  10 year compressor warranty and 1 year comprehensive warranty offer peace of mind.


  •  May be relatively expensive compared to models with fewer features.
  •  Advanced features may require some time to understand and utilise fully.

Samsung 580 L Refrigerator

Samsung 580 L  Refrigerator
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Capacity: 580 litres
  • Energy Star Rating: 5 star
  • Style: French Door CounterDepth Refrigerator
Capacity580 litres
Annual Energy Consumption250 Kilowatt Hours
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity381 litres
Freezer Capacity199 litres
Bottle Count6
Noise Level40 dB
ColourRefined Inox
Number of Drawers2
Door OrientationLeft
Door MaterialStainless Steel
Number of Shelves3
Price in Rupees80,000.00

Introducing the Side by Side Frost Free Refrigerator, a top of the line appliance for your kitchen. With a generous 580 litre capacity, it’s perfect for larger families. You’ll have peace of mind with a 1 year comprehensive warranty on the product and an impressive 20 year warranty on the compressor.

Powered by a Digital Inverter Compressor, this refrigerator is energy efficient, operates quietly, and lasts longer. Its Twin Cooling Plus technology maintains optimal humidity levels, keeping your food fresher for longer periods.

Featuring toughened glass shelves, a freezer capacity of 199 litres, and a fresh food capacity of 381 litres, it offers ample storage space for all your needs. Plus, its sleek French Door design adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Experience premium refrigeration with the Side by Side Frost Free Refrigerator.


  •  Generous 580 litre capacity, suitable for larger families.
  •  1 year comprehensive warranty on the product and a 20 year warranty on the compressor offer peace of mind.
  •  Energy Efficient Digital Inverter Compressor operates quietly and lasts longer.


  •  May be relatively expensive compared to models with fewer features.

FAQs on Counter Depth Refrigerator:

  1. What is a counter depth refrigerator?

        A counter depth refrigerator is designed to align with the depth of standard kitchen countertops, typically ranging from 24 to 30 inches deep. This design creates a sleek, builtin look that enhances the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

  2. How does a counter depth refrigerator differ from a standard refrigerator?

        Counter Depth refrigerators are shallower than standard refrigerators, allowing them to sit flush with kitchen cabinets and countertops. This design helps to save space and creates a seamless appearance in the kitchen.

  3. What are the benefits of a counter depth refrigerator?

        Some benefits include:
          Space Saving design that maximises kitchen space.
          Aesthetic appeal with a builtin look that complements modern kitchen designs.
          Typically wider and taller to offer comparable storage capacity to standard depth refrigerators.

  4. Are there any drawbacks to counter depth refrigerators?

        While counter depth refrigerators offer space saving benefits, they may have slightly less storage capacity compared to standard depth models. Additionally, they can be more expensive due to their specialised design.

  5. Are counter depth refrigerators suitable for all kitchen layouts?

        Counter Depth refrigerators work best in kitchens with standard depth countertops and ample space for the refrigerator’s width and height. In smaller kitchens or those with nonstandard layouts, it’s essential to measure carefully to ensure a proper fit.

Conclusion on FAQs on Counter Depth Refrigerator:

To sum it up, choosing a counter depth refrigerator is like giving your kitchen a neat little makeover without the hassle. It’s all about making the most of your space while keeping things simple. With its sleek design that blends right in, you’re not just saving space; you’re making your kitchen feel more spacious and organised. 

So, if you’re all about easy living and want to free up some room for those impromptu dance parties while you cook, a counter depth fridge is definitely the way to go.

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